Want your dog more worn out than you at the end of a work day or day of running errands?

Stimulating your dogs mind and challenging him to try new things is one of the keys to fulfillment. Finding ways to work with a dog’s instinctual nature can bring out the very best in them. Play sessions can be productive and fun with some focus that allows a mental component in addition to the physical one. Snuggles and Hugs Active Dog Camp also believes that dog health and nutrition is paramount to a healthy and happy dog. When we as humans eat well and exercise how do we feel? Great, energetic,and focused. The same applies to our pets but with greater importance. Why? well unlike us they can’t feed themselves or create a consistent routine, they look to US to provide what they need, when they need it, and they hope we are doing it right.  

You want a tired dog after a day of play with their buddies.  We understand your goal and good dog play sessions will help tire out your best friend while also monitoring the overall safety and health of your dog.  It’s important that exhaustion is not the only measure of success when you bring your dog forcamp. Our approach to your dog’s day in off-leash play is to balance physical exercise, mental activities, and rest periods.  All three are equally important components to keeping your dog safe and healthy when socializing with other dogs. 

Physical exercise is the most obvious benefit of off-leash play and it’s what most pet parents think about when they drop their dog off to play.  But for your dog’s health, we also consider it important to provide mental stimulation, which allows your dog to think and use his brain during the day.  Mental work is tiring for your dog while building their confidence and self-control.  And naturally, after all this physical and mental work, dogs need rest.  This is why we include formal rest periods as an important component of our health and safety program for your pet.  Dogs that get overly tired are less tolerant and more grumpy (just like kids) which increases risk of injury.

Dog Day Care is a structured program that provides physical exercise, mental stimulation, quality rest periods and tailored activities to what YOUR pet(s) enjoys best. We play with your dog with toys. We find out what your dog loves to do, providing enrichment to their lives is unique to each individual dog. At Snuggles and Hugs we strive to make custom days for your dog, some dogs love to play fetch, some dogs love to play with other dogs, and some just love to learn and work hard. Whatever their enjoyment is, we will find out and cater specifically to them. 

Our small playgroups are organized by dog size, play style, activity preferences and energy level. Fill your dog’s days with energy-burning fun and healthful relaxation among friends. With the smallest play groups and best staff to dog ratio in the area our 6:1. Drop off in the morning knowing that later, you will pick up a calm, relaxed and happy pet. That’s peace of mind!



We have 4 play rooms and a back yard area where your pup will play with other dogs in supervised play groups throughout the day. Each dog will be allowed to show their full potential without being overwhelmed by pack control or dominance! Dogs are rotated for the duration of the day so every group gets individualized attention. They also will receive quality rest time so they will not get exhausted or stressed out.

Here at Snuggles and Hugs we love playing all sorts of games and activities like tug, fetch, petting, praising, doing puzzles, tag your it, hide-n-seek, bobbing for balls, one-on-one and group training (we teach good manners through positive reinforcement), scent work, bubbles and so much more! 

*Note that while the pups always have access to water at Snuggles and Hugs, in their private areas and in the play areas inside and out, many dogs will overindulge at the water bowl when they return to their “den,” so please supervise in order to prevent an upset tummy.  As your dog attends active camp more often, he or she will develop “play muscles,” similar to our increase in stamina when we undergo physical conditioning. Keeping this in mind, we modify playtimes accordingly.





EMAIL TO: We will call, to help us better understand you and your pets needs and schedule an interview and evaluation.  All proof of current vaccinations are due at this time.




*Interview and Evaluation is required before attending camp. This helps staff determine if your pup will see Snuggles and Hugs as a safe, fun, happy place to play. He/she will also have the experience of mom or dad coming for him/her at the end of the day. Some doggies take longer to acclimate to our environment. We can customize a program to introduce them at their own pace

Every Dog Must: 

  • Be up to date on all vaccinations per vet protocol
  • Complete interview and evaluation day
  • Be spayed/neutered if over 6 months of age
  • Show no aggression and be socially appropriate with other dogs

Pet Parents must have the following forms completed & signed prior to their arrival:

  • Active Dog Camp/Boarding Profile (one per pet)
  • Services Agreement
  • Credit Card on File Authorization Form
  • Overnight Check In (only if boarding)

All forms can be conveniently found on our website

*ALL campers are on a membership program and your dog(s) must consistently attend camp at least twice per month to keep your membership. This is done for the comfort and health of your pet. Dogs who attend camp regularly and remain familiar with the facility and staff are much less likely to develop stress-related health problems during their stay with us. Our goal is ultimate comfort and minimum stress for the dogs in our care.

*Space is limited and in order to secure your spot all active dog campers are members and are required to come at least once per month. 

Please understand that we only accept a small number of dogs into our program.

Reserving your spot means you are responsible for payment for your service requested even if you cancel, as we book up quickly, and turn customers away once we are filled. Cancellations and no-shows affect our income tremendously on an annual basis. We sincerely respect your courtesy and timeliness. THANK YOU!

Below are examples of some fun and challenging activities your pup will have an opportunity to enjoy when at camp!


Playing tug with your dog can provide a wonderful outlet for natural canine urges to grab and pull on things with her mouth. You can also use this game to exercise your dog and teach her/him important lessons, such as how to listen to you when excited.

Tag You Are It
Toy On A Rope
Scent Work