Monday – Friday 7:30 A.M. – 5:30 P.M.

Monday – Friday 7:30 – 9:00AM and 4:00PM – 5:00PM
Saturday – By Appointment Only: 8:00AM or 9:00AM and 2:00PM or 3:00PM

***Drop off & pickup times are set and not adjustable. For every 15 minutes past the drop-off and pick-up times designated (up to 1 hour late) there is an additional fee of $5. After 1 hour past due, your pet will need to stay until the next day & you are charged an additional day’s boarding fee plus $20 *** Please understand that we have specific times designated so that we can have clean suites, dogs, and supplies ready. Tardiness affects the routine of our dogs in our programs and makes it difficult on our staff to take in new client on time and have the facility prepared.

Monday – Friday 7:30am – 9am and 4pm -5:30pm
Saturday & Sunday – Closed

Every Pet Guest must have the following forms completed and signed prior to their arrival:
Active Dog Camp/Boarding Profile (one per pet)
Services Agreement
Boarding Check In (only if boarding)
Credit Card on File Authorization Form
*All forms can be conveniently found on our website

Boarding: reservations can only be guaranteed with an advance payment deposit of $100 deposit at the time of booking.

Payment for boarding and/or active camp and any other requested services is due when pet(s) are checked into Snuggles and Hugs Active Dog. Cash, Check or Credit Cards are accepted.

Boarding Deposits:
Because of our intimate size, cancellations greatly affect us. For this reason we require $100 deposit at the time of booking. If cancelled within 7 days of arrival date or do not show up, reservation deposit will be forfeited.

Holidays/Peak Season:
During holidays/peak season 50% non- refundable deposit of total reservation is required to secure your suite. This deposit will be deducted from the boarding cost at the time of drop off. Customers who are “no show, no call” or do not cancel within 14 days of the arrival date forfeit the entire deposit. Each pet that is boarded during a holiday will be charged a $7.00 holiday fee. We require a minimum of a 3 day stay during holidays. We operate during all major holidays; however, our office is closed to the public and we do not accept arrivals and departures on holidays.
ADC is not available to the public on major holidays, or on weekends with the exception of Saturday on appointment basis only.

BOARDING CANCELLATION: No refunds will be given, a credit will be placed on customer’s account to be used for future services with us.

We offer no refunds on any packages, or boarding stays. Per our cancellation policy, credits are issued. All credits will remain on the account to be used at a future date.

ACTIVE DOG CAMP: To guarantee a place owners must have a standing reservation of a minimum of two days per month . Campers are required to attend a minimum of one day at Active Dog Camp per month to be eligible to board with us. This is to ensure your pet stays familiar with our facility, environment, staff and other campers. This will potentially reduce stress for your dog and staff will get to know their personalities much better.

Cancellations: We require 24 hour notice for Dog Camp cancellation if not provided day will be charged.  

Daily Call-In: Occasionally, a pet with a Standing Reservation is not able to come to active camp on its designated day, which leaves an “open slot” for that one day. Owners of approved pets (with or without standing reservations) may call Snuggles and Hugs at 7:00 a.m. Monday through Friday and leave a message inquiring about active camp availability for that day. If a space is available, Snuggles and Hugs will contact the owner by 7:30 a.m.

DOGS ON LEASH: For the safety of all pets and visitors. Pets are required to be on a 4 -6 foot leash entering and leaving the facility. Please NO retractable leashes.

Raw diets are accommodated. While we will be happy to provide our “house” food to your pet, BUT sudden food changes can result in stomach upset so please bring food for your pet. If your pet is staying overnight, bring pre-measured food in sealed containers with lids or in plastic sealable bags (i.e. If your dog needs 1 cup AM and PM, you will pre-measure (2) 1 cup meals for each day). With medication and food, please bring enough for your pet’s stay plus a few days extra in case of an emergency or for an extended stay. A feeding fee will be applied if your pet does not have food and needs to use our “house” brand. Medication MUST have medication name, pet name, dosage, and frequency of medication clearly marked. Staff will monitor food intake and medication distribution daily on written check lists

All dogs receiving any services at Snuggles and Hugs must be on a veterinarian approved flea control program. Flea collars are not an acceptable form of flea control. If fleas or ticks are found on a pet, treatment will be provided at the owner’s expense. The owner will be notified prior to a flea bath.

Prior to any boarding and/or active camp service all dogs must be evaluated and selected through a scheduled interview process, which includes a Guided Tour, Phone Follow Up, Temperament Evaluation (active day camp fees apply). Candidate dogs will be selected based on temperament and behavior in relation to other dogs as well as humans. We take great pride in selecting dogs that are safe and adapt well to our environment here at Snuggles and Hugs; therefore, if your dog does not pass the evaluation, staff will provide appropriate recommendations to meet overnight care, day time care, and/or exercise needs. A “Zero Tolerance” rule regarding aggression is enforced at our facility to maintain a safe environment for other dogs as well as staff. Any aggression toward other dogs and/or staff will not be tolerated. If a dog displays aggression towards another dog the dog is removed from the off leash play group environment. It is Snuggles and Hugs right to determine if the dog is off-leash playgroup appropriate and will notify the Owner if the dog is to be removed from Snuggles and Hugs or placed on a private exercise program at Snuggles and Hugs. Preventing any aggressive incident is our number one goal. If a dog displays aggression towards staff resulting in any injury the parent will be notified and the dog will be placed in a suite and given normal potty breaks/feedings until the dog can be returned to the Owner.

Feeding dishes, water bowls, and bedding are provided by Snuggles and Hugs. If you do bring your dogs personal belongings to Snuggles and Hugs, please limit toys and clearly mark their names. Please do not bring toys your dog may ingest (i.e. stuffed toys for dog to “de-stuff”, rope toys) and no chew treats your dog may ingest, due to the potential for colon blockage. If you want to leave a tee-shirt with your scent that is encouraged.

Dogs are involved in play throughout their stay at Snuggles and Hugs. Play involves tug, fetch, agility, and/or obedience games with staff. Dog play interaction in play group involves wrestling, chasing, and mouth play. Play can result in minor skin lesions, bumps/ bruises or possible injury to joints, ligaments, or tendons. Owners will be notified upon pick-up of any play injuries. All serious injuries will be addressed immediately with medical care as indicated. Playing on any solid surface can result in abrasions to the dogs’ pads and owners must be aware this cannot be prevented if their dog is to be involved in play at Snuggles and Hugs. If your dog is involved in an aggressive incident which results in a puncture injury, you will be notified immediately and appropriate medical care will be provided. If a puncture injury requires sutures, you will be notified immediately to allow adequate time to schedule a vet visit, if needed. Snuggles and Hugs is not responsible for veterinary costs for play or aggressive injuries that occur while attending Snuggles and Hugs. Owners with dogs that play rough will be notified so parents are aware of the risks of rough play. Owners with dogs that demonstrate any aggressive displays will be notified and removed from dog-to-dog interaction and provided a private exercise program with the staff. Owners with dogs that demonstrate any aggression towards staff will be notified and the dog will be provided a private exercise program.

At Snuggles and Hugs Pet Care we take pride in the health and safety of our pet guests. All guests must be in good health and not have been exposed to any contagious or communicable illnesses within a 30-day period prior to check-in. Snuggles and Hugs Pet Care accommodates pets who are healthy, fit and able to walk unassisted.

Owners acknowledge that because there are over 250 strains of kennel cough  and that the vaccinations cover only a few of those strains, their dog may contract kennel cough while at the facility.  This is similar to a child contracting a “cold” while at daycare.  Owners acknowledge that they are responsible for all medical conditions of their dogs. As a result, no amount of vaccination requirement, supervision, sanitation or personalized care from Snuggles and Hugs Pet Care can be 100% certain to prevent pets from being injured or contracting an airborne virus or communicable disease. We do adhere to a strict daily cleaning procedure.

Our Policies, Procedures, Services and Rates may change from time to time. It is your responsibility to check back on our website regularly so that you are aware of our most current Policies, Procedures, Services and Rates. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at our sole discretion at any time.